Cruach Caravn Range from Duncan Caravans
Cruach Interior
2018 Cruach with Added Style and Value
The Cruach range of special edition caravans are manufactured by the Swift Group exclusively for Duncan Caravans. The class leading design is further enhanced by the addition of our unique 'Cruach Added value pack'. We think this represents the best value for money new caravan in Scotland and we would encourage you to compare the Cruach Range with any caravan you were thinking of buying.
Cruach Added Value Pack worth up to £1925
Panoramic Roof Window
Panoramic Roof Window Some manufacturers charge around £365 for this upgrade. Its included with all Cruach Models Alarm
To help protect your investment we have supplied the first 40 new Cruach's with an Alarm. Ask your insurance company for a discount for using this Cruach upgrade. Most manufacturers will charge around £260 so order your Cruach early and get it FREE.
Truma Combi Boiler
Swift Command system
Truma Combi Boiler
All 2016 model Cruach Caravans are fitted with a Truma Dual fuel Combi Boiler with programmable timing for heating and hot water. This can be controlled remotely via wifi from you phone or tablet.
Tracker, Swift Command and Boiler controlls
Your new Cruach is fitted with a command system which can control your caravans heating, hot water, fridge and lights all from your phone or tablet.
100 Watt Solar Panell
Solar Panel
This clever electronic device will monitor caravan battery level and keep it topped up. Some manufacturers charge around £300 for a solar panel yet this comes as standard on all 2018 model Cruach's.
Thatcham logo
All 2018 Model Cruach caravans come fitted with a Thatcham approved Tracker. Ask your insurance company for a discount for using this factory fitted feature. Annual subscription applies.
Gas BBQ Point
Exterior 230v Socket
Gas BBQ point
To compliment your outdoor lifestyle this external gas supply is ideal for most camping cookers and BBQ's. Its standard on a Cruach but you may need to upgrade other caravans for around £150.
Exterior 230v Socket
To enhance your outdoor experience this handy ext 230v socket can power items such as an additional fridge, heater, TV etc. It could cost around £150 to upgrade most other caravans but it is fitted as standard on the Cruach.
Exterior access locker door
Pleated Blinds
Exterior acces locker door
All new Crauch models are fitted with an exterior access locker door to the near side front locker. Ben Nevis and Ben Vorlich have an additional access door under fixed bed. This could cost around £250 to retro fit but its included on all new Cruachs
Pleated Blinds
A factory fitted upgrade which not only looks better than roller blinds they also have a 4 sided frame to help keep the sunlight out first thing in the morning. To retro fit to other caravans would cost over £150 or buy a Cruach with factory upgraded blinds included.
Window in entrance door
Illuminated washroom mirror
Window in door
Some layouts can feel dark so all Cruachs are fitted with a window in the door to add light to your room. Its also handy to keep an eye on your four legged friend out in the awning.
Illuminated washroom mirror
The add some glamour to your washroom all new Cruachs are fitted with an illuminated washroom mirror.
Additional TV point *
Heavy Duty Corner Steadies*
Most new Cruachs are fitted with 2 x TV points
Most new Cruachs are fitted with 2 x TV points. You could retro fit to some caravans for around £150 or buy a Cruach with this upgrade fitted as standard
Heavy Duty Corner Steadies
Twin Axles model Cruachs are fitted with heavy duty corner steadies.
Anniversary Pack worth up to £595
Alloy Wheels
AL-KO AKS Stabiliser
Alloy Wheels All Cruach Models are enhanced with Alloy Wheels AL-KO AKS Stabiliser For your safety all Cruach Caravans are fitted with an AK-KO AKS Stabiliser
Insect screen Door
Microwave and Radio/CD player
Insect Screen door All new Cruachs are fitted with an insect screen door as part of the Anniversary pack. Microwave Microwave is a factory fitted upgrade which is incuded in the Cruach anniversary pack.
Styling pack worth up to £495
Upholstered window pads For a more luxurious look the Ben Nevis, Cairngorm and Ben Lomond are fitted with upholstered window pads. Mirrored wardrobe doors Cairngorm and Ben Lomond are fitted with mirrored wordrobe doors
Styling Pack

All Cruachs are fitted with:

Double width Curtains

Swift 'wave' upholstery make up

Oversized scatter cushions

Sculpted bolster custions

Body graphics upgrade


* Model Specific
Cruach Added Valuie worth up to £3015